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Tips on Matching Your Bridal Jewelry to Your Dress

Many brides spend a lot of time searching for the perfect wedding dress but fail to realize that finding the perfect wedding jewelry is just as important. So often brides make the mistake of leaving their wedding day jewelry decisions until the final moments before their wedding. If you want the best look on your wedding day, just as much planning needs to go into your jewelry choice as everything else.

Getting Down to the Details

When it comes to properly accessorizing your big day, you need to make the right choices. While you may not be able to have your pick of diamond earrings or necklaces for your wedding, you don’t have to break the bank to find the right accessories to match your dress.

2. Match Your Sense of Style

Your wedding ensemble should go together seamlessly and the jewelry you choose needs to be a reflection of you and what you truly like. If you happen to be a woman that isn’t a fan of a lot of jewelry or especially heavy accessories, don’t choose your wedding day as a time to start wearing this. Think about your general sense of style and choose something that is a reflection of that. If what you wear on a daily basis is more minimal and simple, try opting for something small statement earrings. Similarly, if you like to make an entrance everywhere you go, look into pairing daring earrings with a plunging, yet elegant necklace.

2. Work Jewelry in with Your Dress

When thinking wedding jewelry, you needn’t necessarily think of the standard earrings, necklace and the like. You can choose something like a unique headpiece or veil encrusted with jewels. Additionally, you may want to look into an elegant crown that will bring both tradition and modernity to your look.

If you are, in fact, considering unconventional jewelry, take a chance on jeweled backpieces. These stunning necklaces are worn to accent the back and are a fresh take on the tried and true wedding day jewels.

3. Don’t Overload the Jewelry

The mistake you may be tempted to make on your wedding day may be to overload your look with as much shiny and “blingy” jewelry as possible. No matter how good you may think it looks at the time, you will regret your decision to overload your look with accessories. Try to keep everything within good taste as you seek to make your ensemble stand out. If you aren’t certain about a particular piece of jewelry, consider asking a friend’s advice on your look.

4. The Metals Should Match the Dress

Gold vs. Silver is one of the biggest debates when it comes to wedding jewelry. The best way to determine which metal you choose is to go based on your wedding dress. For example, with a white wedding gown, you will want to opt for silver or platinum. For an ivory or off white gown, gold jewelry is your best bet. With a wedding dress that is champagne, the best option for your is gold jewelry. With an antique or very traditional looking wedding dress, you may want to try burnished silver for your jewelry. With a blush wedding dress, your go to will be rose gold. The pink undertones in the rose gold will complement the blush dress well.

5. Complement the Neckline of Your Dress

The way your dress neckline is cut will really affect how your face is framed. In order to make sure your face is framed properly, you should do your best to find jewelry to complement your neckline. Strapless or sweetheart necklines look best with shorter necklaces. If you have a neckline like this, consider a choker or something that falls right above your clavicle. Similarly, you may want to wear statement earrings instead. With a V-neck dress, a pendant or choker will work as well as dangling or small earrings. With a reverse halter or halter dress you can focus your jewelry on your hair with a headpiece, jeweled veil or the like.

As your big day approaches, put some careful thought into what jewelry works best with your look. This is a day you will remember forever; be sure to pair your day with the perfect jewels.

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