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How to buy flawless diamonds online for a lot less

It took a little bit of time for online diamond dealers to achieve the kind of reputation and respected legitimacy that their “brick and mortar” brethren enjoyed for hundreds of years now, but people now aren’t as spooked at the idea of buying a diamond (raw diamond, cut diamond, or diamond piece of jewelry – it makes no difference) online the way that they used to be in the past.

Ordering a diamond online gives you the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money (especially if you time to purchase to occur just after Valentine’s Day when demand drops considerably), but you still want to be smart about this kind of purchase to make sure that you aren’t cutting costs by cutting corners.

In an effort to help you buy flawless diamonds online for a lot less than you would ever be able to find anywhere else, we’ve put together this quick guide. Let’s dive right in!

Only ever work with legitimate diamond dealers online

There are a handful of big time names in the world of online diamond dealers, and you’re going to want to make sure that you stick to these big time names rather than going with a fly-by-night operation or upstart that doesn’t have the name, the reputation, or the history of safe and trustworthy transactions to go off of.

You also want to make sure that every diamond or diamond jewelry piece you purchase carries a certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to verify that it is everything that it has been described as, and nothing less. This gives you a lot of confidence moving forward.

Expand your shape considerations outside of round

There are nine other very popular and very common shapes of diamond outside of round, and moving to these other shapes can help to save you a bundle of money.

Oval diamonds, for example, are often times between 25% and 30% less than round diamonds – and other shapes can help you save anywhere between 35% and 40% off of the traditional round sized diamonds. If you want to keep the size of your diamond large but want to keep costs down at the same time, consider switching to a different shape and you’ll be on your way.

Watch the weight of your diamonds to save some money

While most people recommend moving forward with a diamond engagement ring that is at least one carat in size, by switching to a diamond that is (for example) .97 carats you can often get the exact same kind of visual impact you are looking while saving anywhere up to 10% or more along the way.

This is an interesting little trick of the trade that can help you save a bunch of money on a diamond ring without sacrificing cut, clarity, or the brilliance of the diamond itself.

Consider something less than perfect color and clarity to cut costs

A perfectly clear diamond – about as free from natural flaws as possible – is going to cost you a pretty penny regardless of the cut or the carat weight. By accepting some natural flaws in your diamond (by stepping down to, say SI1 in clarity grade instead of IF, you’re able to save 30% or more off of otherwise so-called flawless diamonds without negatively impacting the actual book of the diamond that you are going to be able to get your hands on.

You won’t be able to notice the flaws (without breaking out a magnifying glass and inspecting them like a trained jeweler would) but you will be able to save quite a bit of money on an otherwise beautiful diamond engagement ring!

Whatever you do, NEVER cut corners when it comes to the cut of the diamond

At the end of the day, there are plenty of different ways you can make compromises when it comes time to purchase a diamond engagement ring. But one area that you should NEVER cut corners to cut costs is in the area of cut.

The cut of your diamond is going to impact its proportions as well as its ability to reflect light, and that’s what makes a diamond engagement ring sparkle. Sacrifice anything (or even everything) else to save some money, but never sacrifice the cut of the diamond that you have purchased online!

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